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Imagine you hit the gym for an intense powerlifting session. You push yourself to the limit, aiming for those sweet strength gains. But what happens to your body after that grueling workout? The answer lies in the concept of the Stimulus-Recovery-Adaptation (SRA) cycle.

As athletes, we all chase the holy grail of progress: increasing muscle mass, speed, strength, and coordination. Starting out, simple rep schemes like 10s, 8s, and 6s can work wonders. But what happens when you hit a plateau?

Westside Barbell says forget short deadlift training cycles! They believe the deadlift requires a multi-year approach to reach your full potential. Strong hamstrings are crucial, and building them can take 6 months or more.

This blog post dives into a powerful 15-week powerlifting program designed by Westside Barbell, a renowned gym known for championing powerlifters. The program focuses on building a strong foundation and peaking for a competition.

Westside Barbell, renowned for its champion powerlifters, uses a unique periodization approach to squat training. This blog post dives into their program, focusing on intensity loading for the squat exercise.

Louie Simmons, a renowned powerlifting coach, shares his unique approach to squat training specifically designed for highly trained athletes (squatting 900lbs or more). This program focuses on developing two crucial aspects for a powerful squat: speed-strength and strength-speed.

If you’re passionate about pushing your raw strength limits, you’ve probably heard whispers of the infamous Westside Barbell Conjugate Method. This isn’t your average gym routine. It’s a system responsible for shattering world records and producing legends in the powerlifting world. But all the variations, percentages, and science talk can be overwhelming. Let’s break down what this method is all about and why it works.