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Muscle fiber type is often touted as the main factor for determining training frequency in powerlifting. But a new perspective is emerging – success hinges on understanding a lifter’s unique characteristics.

Powerlifting may look simple from the outside – squat, bench, deadlift. But for beginners, mastering the technical execution of these lifts is crucial for both performance and safety. Here’s why focusing on technique is essential, especially in the early stages of your powerlifting journey.

Elite powerlifters face a unique challenge: translating their crushing gym sessions into competition success. All too often, lifters hit their peak performance too early, leaving them flat on meet day. This is where the concept of delayed transformation comes in.

In powerlifting training, hypertrophy and work capacity block are essential. It creates a solid base for strength improvements, increases work capacity, and increases muscle mass. To improve hypertrophy and work capacity, this four-week program stresses increased volume exercise and moderate intensity.