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Superfoods, from the English super food , are natural foods containing the largest amount of antioxidants, microminerals and vitamins. Regular consumption of such products is necessary for maintaining health and normal functioning of the body.

Chicken eggs are an important component of proper nutrition, a source of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. However, they contain cholesterol, a potentially dangerous substance for the cardiovascular system. Excess cholesterol in the blood is associated with health risks.

Lentils are one of the oldest crops grown by man for at least 10 thousand years and are mentioned in the Bible. In terms of vegetable protein content, this cereal is second only to soybeans and peas – due to which it is considered an alternative to meat for vegetarians.

The level of sugar (more precisely, glucose) in the blood is a vital indicator that must be monitored in the case of diabetes. This disease is characterized by the fact that the body loses the ability to transform glucose into energy – and its level rises to dangerous levels.

You have probably heard the common expression more than once: “We are what we eat.” And indeed it is. The choice of products directly affects our health. Food is a source of building materials for our cells, tissues, and organs. It provides the vital activity of the body, gives us energy, and even affects our mood. That is why proper nutrition is one of the most important conditions for a healthy lifestyle.